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Do you want to have a small dining room with all surrounded chairs? Would you like to place wooden sofa set in your sitting room? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then we are going to give you some idea of the rosewood furniture. Rosewoodfurniture ensures high quality and is made through number of steps like machining, carpentry, dovetail, tongue and groove, carving brass and finally polishing. You can have art and craft on your furniture as well, which make it antique.

These days rosewood office furniture is liked by many organizations. Rather, keeping big size leather sofas, it is good to have some seats, sofas of wood with crafts on them. Besides this rosewood desk are available in all sizes and in polished as well without polished look. If you want to have a raw wood look with crafts then it is even possible.

Rosewood furniture can be made in glossy material as well as in matt finish. We even have an option of lacquered spray on the matt finish furniture. There are also number of color options to choose from like powder color, Shelac grains, burning spirit and French polish.

Make your home and your office unique with our antique rosewood furniture.